All House Burglary Victims and Immediate Neighbours to be Provided with Crime Prevention Packs

Thursday, 18 April, 2024

All victims of house burglary and their immediate neighbours will be visited and provided with crime prevention packs as part of a new initiative being rolled out across West Yorkshire.  

The ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ scheme ensures every victim of house burglary is personally visited and given a support pack which includes crime prevention advice and forensic marking products to help protect their property. Nearby neighbours are also provided with prevention packs which include similar crime prevention advice and UV marking pens. The packs also include window stickers which residents can use to show that they have taken additional steps to protect their homes.

The scheme has been funded with money from the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund.

Chief Inspector Andy Thornton, of Local Policing, said: “A person’s home is somewhere they should feel safe. We are determined to do all we can to prevent burglary offences and ensure that when they do occur, we are working with communities to gather evidence and ensure the person responsible is caught.

“Burglars get to know areas and will often return to the same neighbourhood to commit offences. The We Don’t Buy Crime initiative means that we are not just offering crime prevention advice to the victim but also to their neighbours, keeping them more informed and aware of what they can do to protect their own homes and valuables.”

As part of the We Don’t Buy Crime initiative, work is also being done with second-hand stores to instruct them to check for forensic and UV markings when accepting items for sale. All officers now carry UV torches so that they can make checks on property as well.

“We want to put burglars out of business by making it harder for stolen goods to be sold on. We are providing UV torches to second-hand stores and helping them to protect themselves from being involved in potentially handling stolen property,” Chief Inspector Thornton added.

All householders are encouraged to take steps to improve their home security. This includes:

  • Checking for insecure doors and windows. It’s easy to forget to lock up when you’re in a rush. 
  • Protecting your valuables inside your home by keeping them out of sight. 
  • Checking your doors and windows meet minimum security standards of PAS 24. 
  • Growing your own security with defensive planting such as hardy bushes and shrubs. 
  • Using internal lights and external dusk till dawn lighting which can reduce the risk of being burgled.

There are District Crime Prevention Teams in each of the five policing areas of West Yorkshire, consisting of Crime Prevention Officers and Architectural Liaison Officers. If you are looking for further advice on protecting your home or business, then you can find details of how to contact your local Crime Prevention Team at: Contact District Crime Prevention Teams | West Yorkshire Police


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