All-women Indian military crew completes sailing expedition

The voyage took the crew from Mumbai to Lakshadweep and back

What’s the story

A team of twelve women officers from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force has completed a 27-day sailing expedition in the Arabian Sea.

The voyage, which took the crew from Mumbai to Lakshadweep and back, was marked by a flagging ceremony at Marve.

It was part of a training exercise for an international sailing competition scheduled for September.

The expedition was coordinated by the Army Adventure Wing and the Army Aqua Nodal Center of the College of Military Engineering.

Why does this story matter?

The expedition was not only a training exercise but also a demonstration of the importance of inclusivity and diversity in military endeavors.

“This unique expedition not only exemplifies the spirit of adventure but also underscores the significance of fostering inclusivity & diversity in military endeavors,” ADG PI shared on social media.

The training journey concluded on Friday, with the female sailors having logged over 6000nautical miles in preparation for the “Around the World Sailing Competition.”

Voyage challenges and public response

The journey from Mumbai to Lakshadweep was divided into four segments, each presenting unique challenges and learning experiences.

The all-female crew navigated diverse wind conditions, intense heat, and turbulent waters, demonstrating their physical endurance, mental resilience, and teamwork.

Social media users expressed their pride in the team’s accomplishment with comments like “All the very best ….Do us proud…Bon Voyage ladies,” and acknowledged their preparations for a future global sailing expedition.

Visuals: All-women crew on sailing expedition

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