Cheapest days and times to fly to major cities in South Africa

Thinking of a trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town or back to Durban? This guide reveals the cheapest days to fly between South Africa’s major cities.

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Planning a local trip? Here’s a way to save some serious cash on flights between Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Discovery Bank’s SpendTrend24 report, compiled with Visa, analysed travel patterns and found the cheapest days to fly these popular routes. Here’s the scoop:

Joburg to Cape Town: Catch an early flight on Sunday mornings for the best deals. 

Cape Town to Joburg: Heading back? Wednesdays bring the cheapest flights, especially in the evening.

Joburg to Durban: Early risers win again! Sundays at 6:00am offer the best deals on flights to Durban.

Durban to Joburg: Night owls can save! Flights are cheapest on Wednesday evenings (around 9:00pm).

If you’re curious, here are the worst days and times to do the same trips:

Joburg to Cape Town: Avoid Friday afternoons when prices tend to be higher.

Cape Town to Joburg: Sundays at lunchtime are pricier.

Joburg to Durban: Steer clear of Fridays at 1:00pm.

Durban to Joburg: Sundays in the afternoon are the most expensive option.

Remember, these are general trends. Flight prices can change based on the time of year and how many people want to travel. However, with this knowledge, you can be a smarter flyer and save money on your domestic flights.

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