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Contour3D, a 3D construction company based in Sydney, NSW, has unveiled Australia’s first 3D printed one-bedroom home with a Full Occupation Certificate.

Located in Gymea Bay, NSW, this innovative project showcases the future of construction technology and design. Constructed in a total of 14 hours of print time, spanning over 2 days, this architectural gem was brought to life using 24 tonnes of the bespoke Contourcrete, a proprietary 3D printable concrete pioneered by Contour3D.

The decision to opt for 3D printing technology came after the client, originally planning a kit home, was introduced to Contour3D’s innovative approach. Recognizing the benefits of rapid construction, cost efficiency, and unparalleled design freedom, the client changed their plans to embrace this cutting-edge construction innovation.

Julian Brenchley of Group Architects praised the collaboration, stating, “We are in a new age of building. The collaboration with the Contour3D team has been an amazing opportunity to visit the future, by producing 3D-printed buildings today.” He said, “This 50m2 granny flat is nothing short of a masterpiece, featuring immaculate curved walls and meticulous design nuances that defy traditional construction norms.”

This pioneering one-bedroom home is a testament to innovation, comprising a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and a versatile living area, with an inviting outdoor space—each facet a stark departure from traditional construction. Thanks to its ingenious design and insulation, which includes a VersiClad roof, and walls infused with PU insulation foam, the dwelling boasts supreme comfort without the hollow echo often associated with polished concrete floors and walls, ensuring a serene acoustic environment for its inhabitants.

The completion of Australia’s inaugural 3D-printed one-bedroom home with a Full Occupation Certificate is not just a milestone for Contour3D but a significant leap forward for the construction industry at large. Shayne Jessiman, General Manager of Contour3D, strongly believes that 3D printing technology will pave the way for the future of housing. “This accomplishment underscores the efficacy, sustainability, and transformative potential of 3D printing technology, paving the way for a revolutionary approach to building the homes and structures of tomorrow.”

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