Differently-abled Officers Lead Model Polling Station in Sikkim’s Arithang

SIKKIM: In an unprecedented step towards inclusive democracy, Gangtok’s Arithang constituency has been given a polling booth manned by entirely different police forces for the Sikkim Assembly polls. Headed by Presiding Officer Shri Indra Chetri and supported by a team of six Polling Officers with Disabilities (PwD), these initiatives are a testament to Sikkim’s commitment to ensure equal and able participation of all voters have had some.

The specially designated voting booth on the ground floor of the Chinatan Building sets an example of an effort to be inclusive in the voting process. All guaranteed minimum facilities (AMFs) are installed, including fixtures, furnishings, separate toilets, drinking water, shade, ramps and wheelchair, this building mainly caters to Section 9 of 26 Arithanga District (26/9).

The symbolism thus extends beyond Gangtok and resonates in all the districts in Sikkim. Model polling stations with each AMF aim to improve the quality and transparency of the electoral process. By entrusting the management of polling stations to persons from diverse backgrounds, including persons with disabilities, the electoral Commission affirms their commitment to the principles of free and fair elections.

Therefore setting up of this PWD-run polling booth not only ensures inclusiveness but also reinforces the sanctity of democratic practices. It is a beacon of access, encapsulating the state’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that every citizen, no matter his or her potential, has the opportunity to fully participate in the democratic process.

In a broader context, such initiatives pave the way for a more equitable and representative electoral environment. They claim a departure from traditional values ​​and emphasize the importance of diversity and equal representation in government.

With such pioneering initiatives, the state of Sikkim is not only redefining electoral norms but also creating a model that other states have followed. The inclusive commitment shown in this sample of voters is a testament to the State’s progressive approach towards promoting a truly democratic society.

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