Fano warns captured soldiers would be in danger if govt fails to release…

Fano Fighters _ Ethiopian News
Fano fighters who were reportedly killed last week during the operation in Addis Ababa (Photo : file)


Toronto  – The Ethiopian government has been harassing the parents of Fano fighters who were killed last week in the capital Addis Ababa. Parents have been denied to receive the dead bodies of their loved ones for burial in the hometown of the fighters in Gondar, North Western Ethiopia. 

Fano, on Thursday, warned that the lives of captured government soldiers could be in danger if the government continues to refuse to give the dead bodies to their parents. 

Ethio News, on Thursday, cited East Amhara Fano and Shoa Fano forces that government soldiers captured from recent battles in different parts of the Amhara region will not be released until the dead bodies are given to the families. 

What the Ethiopian government is doing is something that defies Ethiopian culture and human decency, the Fano’s remarked. 

At least 107 government soldiers are captured in the latest battle between Fano forces and government troops in North Shoa – Yifat and Minjar areas. 

The Ethiopian government has not remarked on the situation. The parents of the deceased flew from Gondar last Saturday and have been pleading with relevant authorities to give them the bodies of their sons. When the parents appeared at Addis Ababa Police and asked for the bodies, they were told that it was a Federal police jurisdiction and that they needed to go to the Federal police. When they headed to the Federal police division, they were told that it is the business of Addis Ababa police to release the dead bodies. 

According to sources, the bodies are currently at St. Paul Hospital in Western Addis Ababa. 

Meanwhile, there are credible reports that the government forces continue to suffer military losses in Gojjam, Gondar and Shoa areas. 


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