Freshney swans prepare to hatch six eggs as wildlife group warns of people throwing bottles

The Freshney swans appear to have a clutch of at least six eggs as footage captured the mother carefully turning them over in the nest and keeping them warm.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue has said the new fence protecting the nesting mute swans in Grimsby is very important because there have been multiple reports of people hurling objects at them. Attacks like these are very stressful to both swans, it added.

Aaron Goss, who works for the rescue, told BBC Look North: “We got a few reports of people throwing bottles and we have seen the bottles on the nest. We’ve also had a few reports of people trying to get over the barriers and get really close to the nesting female which is never a good thing, especially when you’ve got the big male, the cob, coming up. This stresses both of them out.”


It is hoped the high fencing will let the pair hatch their eggs in peace and rear healthy signets in the River Freshney. Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue and been monitoring the nest and captured the footage of the female swan, the hen, gently turning over her eggs.

Explaining the decision in a statement, Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said: “We have introduced protective measures at the River Freshney as part of a licence granted by North East Lincolnshire Council.

The Freshney swans appear to have a clutch of at least six eggs this year(Image: Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue)

“This licence has given us the ability to prevent the illegal disturbance and destruction of the swans’ nest. Sadly, it had already been victim to mindless attacks and bottles being thrown onto it.

“Many members of the public have approached our volunteers and said how they were thankful that these measures had been put in place as they often see people acting in a cruel manner towards these swans.

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