House in Grimsby badly damaged after being crashed into three times in a week

A house in Grimsby has been left with a gaping hole after a car is reported to have crashed into the front of it – which police say has happened three times within a week.

Emergency services were called to Winchester Avenue just after 5pm yesterday (Wednesday, April 17). Neighbours reported hearing a noise while they were cooking their tea.

When they looked out they could see the scene of devastation. One said it happened “right outside” where they live.


Police officers remained at the scene this morning. Engineers were also seen putting up a CCTV camera near the property.

One local person said: “I was cooking tea when I heard what was going on. There was the fire service and police and everyone was out looking on.

“I didn’t need to (go out) as it was right outside. It was around 4.30 to 5pm.”

Another resident said: “I heard a noise but didn’t bother because I just keep myself to myself. I have lived round here for many years.”

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