In Kerala’s Avanavanchery, Why This Banana Plant Is Attracting Visitors

You must have seen some plants, fruits, and flowers grow bigger than their regular shape and size. In a significant bid, a giant banana plant in the backyard of a resident of Avanavanchery in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram has been attracting the major eyes of the locals.

As per reports, the giant banana tree has grown in the backyard of a native named, Madhu Kumar. Apart from Madhu Kumar’s backyard, a similar variety of the plant is seen in many other places. This ornamental banana species is called Pisang Seribu, which is also known as the thousand-fruited toad. It is a decorative banana species that has a long stem, unlike the other species of the family. Although it is known as an ornamental banana, Pisang Seribu is edible.

According to reports, Madhu Kumar brought the seeds for this species from one of his friends in Kollam, a year ago. After it grew in his backyard, numerous local people visited his place to see it. As per Local18, the bunch he has planted is about 8 feet long and has produced around a thousand pods so far. These thousand pods have the life span as the other generic varieties of bananas you see in the market. He has also transplanted three more banana seeds which have grown enough now.

Talking about the plant, Madhu Kumar mentioned that the banana plant will now grow for another six months and will be 2 more feet long. In these six months of period, the plant will be giving two more hundreds of pods. In this kind of variety, one bunch carries around 2000 to 4000 fruits. Apart from the giant banana, Madhu Kumar’s backyard also houses a large collection of other ornamental plants and bonsai trees as well.

Earlier in 2019, the same variety of bananas was harvested at a length of 10.5 feet at a farmer’s house located in Ponkunnam in Kottayam district. There were 4000 fruits in the bunch. As per the reports, the fruits on the upper side of the bunch were larger while the lower ones were smaller. It was then planted by a native named, Immanuel Thomas.

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Location: Kochi (Cochin), India

first published: April 18, 2024, 12:43 IST

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