Johannesburg Water’s ‘quick fix’ of burst pipes creates more issues

Morningside Manor residents have said that Johannesburg Water’s reinstatement methods leave much to be desired.

Road reinstatement is the process of restoring a road’s surface, or infrastructure, after it has been excavated or damaged, ensuring that it is safe and functional for use.

In this instance, the reinstatement work involved repairing a burst pipe in the area. However, local residents are claiming that various issues still persist.

Swift action by Johannesburg Water

The burst water pipe occured in Morningside Manor along Ridgeway Drive. This prompted immediate action from Johannesburg Water, who tended to the problem and restored water supply to the affected households.

Residents say the reinstatement process was not up to standard, and has in fact created further issues. This includes uneven road surfaces, lingering potholes, and unsatisfactory restoration of the pavement.

According to concerned resident John Samuel, these uneven surfaces and “poor backfills” on pavements can be dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

“While we appreciate the work from Joburg Water in fixing the burst pipe, the backfill work appears rushed and lacks attention to detail”, said Samuel, who has a background in engineering.

“It feels like a temporary fix rather than a permanent solution.”

Samuel has pleaded with Johannesburg Water to address these concerns. He emphasised the importance of meeting the required standards for safety and functionality.

Johannesburg Water responded (on 10 April) to equiries from the Sandton Chronicle regarding the repair work.

“We had a media tour today, and I have been busy planning the whole week … I have not been able to respond to media queries,” said Johannesburg Water spokesperson Nombuso Shabalala.

Further correspondence was received from the entity on 11 April. It indicated that the query had been forwarded to the relevant depot for their input, and that a response would be provided in due course.

Johannesburg Roads Agency attributes potholes to water leaks

In related news, the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) has explained how another popular road in Sandton has become riddled with potholes.

Acting regional operations head at JRA, Khayalethu Gqibitole, has said the potholes are caused by water leaks. He assured the public that this water damage is routinely inspected and repaired.

“It is actually the water leak that created a pothole on the road,” Gqibitole said.

“Alternatively, excavations to repair water pipes can damage the road surface, though these areas are later repaired or reinstated.”

“The JRA is aware of the reinstatements through routine inspections and communication with Joburg Water as well as through the wayleave process.”

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