Live A3 Guildford updates as emergency repairs causes miles of traffic

One lane of the A3 South Bank is closed causing long queues for motorists. Emergency manhole repairs at the Royal Surrey County Hospital turn-off (Cathedral Turn) has caused 2 miles of congestion through Guildford.

There are queues to the A320 (Stoke Crossroads) and traffic is also queuing in both directions on the A25 Ladymead as well as in both directions on Stoke Road and back along Woking Road and diverting into Guildford in Woodbridge Road .

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Traffic expected until after 5pm

National Highways say that normal traffic conditions are not expected uintil between 5pm and 5.15pm. Currently there are delays of up to 30 minutes against suspected traffic.

This has been cuased by the emergency repairs needed after a manhole was exposed.

Google Maps shows very slow traffic through Guildford

A look on google maps shows where all the traffic is. Much of the roads around the A3 are highlighted in red indicating very slow, or slow moving traffic.

Google maps shows slow moving traffic (Image: Google Maps )

Where is the issue?

While the main issue is on the A3 southbound it is having knock on effects on roads across Guildford.

  • The exposed manhole was on the A3 southbound, near Cathedral turn off ( by the Royal Surrey Hospital turn off )
  • There is congestion until the A320 (Stoke Crossroads)
  • There are also queues in both directions on the A25 Ladymead, in both directions on Stoke Road back along Woking Road, and diverting into Guildford on Woodbridge Road

Exposed manhole cover causing delays

National Highways have said on social media that an exposed manhole cover is the reason for the delays. This requires emergency repairs. On traffic cameras it is clear that a section of the road has been coned off. National Highways have said there were delays of at least 20 minutes on approach.

See below for the manhole issue:

Traffic cameras show a coned off section (Image: Highways England )

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