Lok Sabha Election 2024 Live Updates: Gujarat BJP chief misses ‘Vijay Muhurat’ due to crowd at roadshow, to file nomination on Friday

12:05 (IST), Apr 18

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Live: Patna to Bengaluru; Voters, experts lament heritage not being a poll issue

For 20-year-old college student Aman Lal, a Lok Sabha election poster mounted in Patna bearing the slogan — ‘Virasat Bhi, Vikas Bhi’ — feels like a “cruel joke” for the Bihar capital which has lost several heritage buildings to demolition in the last few years.

Lal, a first-time voter, on the cusp of graduation from the historic Patna College, laments that despite a “colossal loss” of built heritage in his city, it is “not a poll issue” for politicians or people.

However, the ruling BJP, in its 2024 polls manifesto, has mentioned that it will “develop religious and tourist sites inspired by the Kashi Vishwanath corridor model” and preserve culturally important Archaeological Survey of India monuments, while the Congress has promised to provide “more funds” and human resources to the ASI if it comes to power.

Notwithstanding such poll promises, many voters from Delhi to Patna and Bengaluru to Mumbai, are upset about “built heritage” not being talked about as a poll issue.

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