Lok Sabha Elections 2024: EC Transports EVMs Across 1058 km of Sea to Lakshadweep

From the far-off and fair Isles of Lakshadweep, comes this beautiful film, depicting the journey of an #EVM from the strongroom to the polling booth #ChunavKaParv#DeshkaGarv

Video courtesy : @LakshadweepCeo

— Spokesperson ECI (@SpokespersonECI) April 18, 2024

The lengthy journey required to transfer EVMs from Kavaratti island to other isolated islands in Lakshadweep, notably Kiltan island, is glimpsed in the two minutes and seventeen second video published by the Chief Electoral Officer of Lakshadweep Union Territory.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 in Lakshadweep

Tomorrow, April 19, is the single phase of the Lakshadweep constituency’s Lok Sabha elections 2024. Lakshadweep comprises remote, difficult-to-reach islands, even though its population is among the fewest throughout the entire Union Territory. As of 2014, the seat, which is reserved for Scheduled Tribes, has the fewest votes of any Lok Sabha constituency. Lakshadweep hosted the first Lok Sabha election in 1967. The Indian President nominated Lakshadweep’s member of parliament (MP) directly up until that time.

First Phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Begins Tomorrow, April 19

The Lok Sabha elections in 2024 are set to commence on Friday, marking the beginning of the world’s largest electoral exercise. In the first phase, voters from 21 states and Union territories will cast their votes for 102 seats.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aiming for a rare third term in office. On Friday, a staggering number of over 16.63 crore individuals have the privilege to exercise their right to vote.

India has a staggering number of registered voters for the upcoming elections to the Lok Sabha. The BJP is determined to challenge the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu and maintain its strongholds across the country. On the other hand, the opposition INDIA bloc faces a daunting task of trying to dislodge the BJP-led NDA.

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