PM Modi pitches ‘ease of life’ as Mobile link comes to HP village | India News

NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi Thursday engaged with residents of Giu village in Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti, marking a historic moment as the area was connected to the mobile network for the first time. During a telephonic conversation lasting over 13 minutes, Modi shared insights from his Diwali visit to the border region and emphasised how connectivity would accelerate the ‘Digital India’ campaign.

Modi underscored the significance of this milestone, drawing parallels with the successful electrification drive that powered over 18,000 previously dark villages upon assuming office. “I am working to take mobile connectivity to the remotest part of the country,” the PM said. Expressing joy and disbelief, one resident of the village recounted the arduous journey they previously undertook, traversing eight kilometres, to access basic mobile services.

Modi during his conversation said: “Our work towards ease of life is going to transform the lives of people in the far flung areas and most underprivileged ones.” One of the villagers whom Modi spoke to was a teacher. When the PM asked how mobile connectivity is going to help him in teaching his students, the teacher said: “We will be able to get recent information. Also there are many things which the children here have never seen or experienced. We can show them the videos and give them more concrete knowledge.”

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