Romanian schools can now access 55+ free, online Cambridge-accredited subjects offered by Spark Generation

Romanian schools can now access 55+ free, online Cambridge-accredited subjects offered by Spark Generation

Spark Generation, the international online high school based in Cluj-Napoca, invites secondary schools and high schools from Romania with an interest in innovative learning and teaching methods to register on their online learning platform until the 1st of June 2024 for unlimited and free access to a variety of Cambridge-accredited academic, Wellbeing, and Future Readiness online courses. In the first month since registration opened, more than 60 schools and high schools in Romania have enrolled in the programme, with over 7,000 students enrolled in their learning platform. 

The programme launched by Spark Generation offers free access for high school students and teachers to a recognised curriculum, including 55+ Cambridge IGCSE & A Level accredited subjects, Wellbeing and Future Readiness courses & programmes, and a selection of career discovery resources for students. All secondary schools and high schools in Romania interested in joining this innovative educational movement can simply register by submitting this online form

“My mission and the mission of the educational group that I lead is to have an impact on our children’s education, to provide them with access to a different & unique learning environment that will allow them to do well academically, but also provide them with the emotional balance they so desperately need. Through this initiative, we wanted to invite schools in Romania to experience a teaching and learning approach that directly benefits students, teachers, and school administrators. Real change is not about creating an exclusive club; it is about normalising more innovative learning systems for all. And to see a real and lasting change, we decided to open our doors and offer access to the experience and know-how gained to all those interested coming from the traditional education system, whether we’re talking about public or private schools”, explains Ruxandra Mercea, founder and initiator of the Spark Generation project. 

The Spark Generation project was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic by three female entrepreneurs from Transylvania as a solution for students from traditional education systems who needed to continue their studies online, leveraging the educational experience of Transylvania College in Cluj-Napoca, one of the best-known private schools in Romania. Over the past four years, Spark Generation has steadily evolved into an educational solution that creates a new generation of brave, resilient and future-ready teenagers, confident and proud parents, inspired and inspiring educators, and school leaders who become role models. 

The Spark Generation online learning platform benefits the entire educational ecosystem: Schools can offer an extensive and up-to-date curriculum with access to a range of subjects which are not traditionally found in schools, such as Media Studies, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Wellbeing and Leading Your Life; students have the freedom to choose the courses that they are passionate about and they have the opportunity to learn and develop in a nurturing environment where their individual interests are valued; teachers have access to innovative digital resources and modern teaching methods to enhance the educational experiences and reduce the time required for administrative processes; and parents are assured that their teenagers have access to quality education that is relevant to the challenges of the future.

“The Wellbeing and Future Readiness courses respond to a real need faced by teachers, pupils and parents, with thousands of examples in Romania where schools and parents often feel powerless when it comes to helping students develop all the necessary skills they need to reach their personal and professional potential”, says Ruxandra Mercea. 

The Spark Generation online learning platform offers schools a range of innovative features, including various interactive and multimedia resources that make learning more engaging and effective for students. Still, it also brings real benefits for teachers, such as access to content adapted to students’ learning needs, easy AI-assisted test creation and grading, access to personalised data for each student, etc. 

“We are offering free access to modern education for an unlimited period of time to state schools precisely because this is how we can create a systemic change. For private schools, we have designed a pricing scheme that ensures continued access to quality education at internationally recognised standards and supports schools in upholding a high standard of teaching and learning by facilitating education tailored to the individual needs of their students. Thus, private schools can use Spark Generation free of charge until 31 August 2024, after which they will be charged a monthly subscription fee of €5/student. However, for the first year of enrolment, they receive an additional 50% discount, so that the subscription is only €2.5 per month per pupil”, explains Raluca Manole, co-founder and marketing director of Spark Generation. 

The current content of the Spark Generation platform supports integration with Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), allowing students to learn English while learning their subject matter (e.g., learning math in the English language). “This educational model has already been successfully implemented in many European countries such as Italy, France, Spain, and Wales, with the main challenge being the lack of an online learning platform like Spark Generation where students can access the necessary learning resources. The main advantage of this approach is that students acquire language skills while accumulating subject-specific knowledge, creating a holistic and efficient approach to education”, adds Raluca Manole. 

By working with schools nationwide, Spark Generation aims to improve how education is perceived and delivered. “We started with the big challenges schools face today: the need for digital content in teaching, extensive curriculum with new subjects, personalised teaching and learning for each and every student, optimising the time that teachers allocate to assessing students, and analysing gaps in students’ grasp of subject matter. Using Spark Generation, teachers gain 50% more time to focus on one-to-one student support, with a 30% increase in student engagement and performance. The possibilities for digitalisation and innovation within the platform are limitless, including our future plans to offer the opportunity for teachers to add their own courses to the platform”, says Florina Popirțac, co-founder and CEO of Spark Generation. 

About Spark Generation 

Spark Generation, the newest international online high school launched in Romania, is for English-speaking students aged 13-19 from Romania and from abroad who want to take Cambridge-accredited courses and need a flexible schedule. With an initial funding of €1.5 million, the project is now preparing for a new round of financing, with funds to be used towards increasing the number of students who can access the courses, as well as introducing new AI tools. Currently, the courses are accessed by over 9,000 users from more than 25 countries worldwide.


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