Russian ultranationalist ‘Aussie Cossack’ pumping out ‘vile propaganda’ after Sydney stabbings

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has slammed a Russian ultranationalist who goes by the alias “Aussie Cossack” for pumping out “vile propaganda” and disinformation to inflame radicals in Australia following two stabbings in Sydney.

Simeon Boikov has been living in the Russian consulate for two years, hiding from police after allegedly pushing down and injuring a man at a pro-Ukraine rally.

Boikov was given Russian citizenship and received a job with the Russian government’s propaganda outlet Sputnik producing social media posts and videos.

He falsely claimed the Bondi Junction killer was Jewish and is now “stirring up Muslim feelings of persecution”, according to Mr Bolt.

“It is stunning that our government hasn’t dragged in the Russian ambassador to demand this Simeon Boikov be stopped from interfering in our domestic politics and inflaming tensions here with a clear backing and logistical support of the Russian government,” Mr Bolt said.

“It is sinister that our government would rather shut down your free speech than shut down a real source of the poison. Not just the hate preachers in Sydney, but this wanted man who is hiding and operating for Vladimir Putin from the Russian consulate in Sydney.

“But you know how it is, don’t you? It’s always easier for governments to control the law-abiding than to police the wicked.”

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