Savannah-based artist worked through postpartum depression by painting

Angela 1 by Angela Roe

“My hope is that I’ll get to that place where I am very successful, and I am a household name, and I am influencing other people like I’ve been influenced,” artist Angela Roe told me while we sat outside City Market talking about her work.

It’s an ambitious goal for the emerging artist, who didn’t begin showing until 2022, and who has never had a solo exhibition. But for the talented and business-savvy Roe, I’m almost convinced that it will happen.

An oil pastel piece called "Stressed" created by Angela Roe during her sophomore year in high school

Equality, Illinois

As noted above, Roe is still new to the Savannah art scene. Her expansive cloud paintings and emotion-heavy abstracts are just starting to find their way into galleries around town. Her artistic practice, however, “started before I was making full sentences,” she said, in spite of an upbringing that would deter most artists before they even began.

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