Southern York County to receive significant broadband funding

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Residents of southern York County are set to receive significant broadband funding, Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill, R-York, announced Thursday. 

A member of the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA), Phillips-Hill said southern York County will receive nearly $9.7 million to increase access to reliable, high-speed internet.

“Today’s allocation marks the first significant step toward bridging the digital divide in southern York County and connecting local homeowners to high-speed internet,” Phillips-Hill said in a statement. “For too long, our community has grappled with the frustration of unreliable internet access. With these funds, we’re not just improving internet connectivity; we are improving opportunities for southern York County.”

The funds will be matched by the applicant, Comcast Cable Communications, bringing the total investment to southern York County to $18.2 million.

According to a release, $200 million in competitive grants were awarded to multiple projects across the state lacking 25/3 Mbps internet service. Grants were made possible by the federally funded Broadband Infrastructure Program.

The PBDA mandates quarterly and annual progress reports from grantees, accompanied by comprehensive guidance on state and federal requirements, and technical support. All funds must be utilized by Dec. 31, 2026. Grantees will be held accountable for the prudent expenditure of awarded funds. The PBDA can reclaim unused or misused funds.

“With stringent oversight and claw back provisions, we’re not just investing in infrastructure; we’re investing in accountability,” Phillips-Hill said. “Every cent will be maximized to ensure our constituents finally receive the connectivity they deserve.”

The release stated that this initial round of grants represents a milestone in the PBDA’s broader initiative to close the digital divide since the General Assembly established the PBDA in 2021.

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