Tamale Delegation Visits Münster To Strengthen Ties

Mayors Sule Salifu of Tamale and Markus Lewe of Münster with Ambassador Gina Blay (M)


A delegation from the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly led by the Mayor, Sule Salifu, is currently visiting Münster, Germany, from April 14 to 20, 2024, marking a significant step in the development of the sister-city partnership between the two cities.

This visit, the first face-to-face meeting between the two Mayors since the project began in 2022, highlights the strengthening ties and joint ventures under the “Municipal Specialist Exchange NRW–Ghana” initiative by the Region of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Mayor Markus Lewe of Münster welcomed the delegation in the historic Peace Hall of Münster’s town hall. During a ceremonial event, Mayor Salifu and Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, Gina Ama Blay, signed the city’s Golden Book, affirming their commitment to the partnership.

Mrs. Gina Blay took the opportunity to express the Government of Ghana’s gratitude for the new partnership.

She mentioned that this initiative, along with the established connection between the cities of Bonn and Cape Coast, underscores the ongoing, fruitful cooperation between Ghana and the Region of North Rhine-Westphalia, which officially began in 2007.

The visit included a series of discussions and interactive sessions with officials from Münster, as well as visits to various cooperative partners.

A key element of the partnership is in healthcare, with personnel from Tamale Teaching Hospital collaborating with their counterparts at the University Hospital of Münster to explore potential clinical partnerships.

The partnership also encompasses art and education. Notable initiatives include a large mural on the façade of Münster’s Ratsgymnasium, illustrating the World Sustainability Goals, a project that is bringing together artists and students from both cities.

Moreover, academic exchanges between Münster University of Applied Sciences and Ghanaian institutions are being established, offering benefits to students and educators.

The arts continue to play a vital role, with ongoing theatre collaborations and discussions on new initiatives, including a water project and strategies for waste management.

These discussions are supported by the long-standing diocesan partnership between Münster and Northern Ghana, and the broader relationship between North Rhine-Westphalia and Ghana.

Mayor Salifu, in sharing his positive outlook on the visit, noted that the engagement was not merely about reinforcing existing connections but also about exploring new opportunities for cooperation that would benefit the two cities.

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