What is the impact of a challenging financial landscape on health and what can be done about this?

This webinar will explore how joint working across local councils can protect the services that support good health, in the context of a challenging financial landscape. 

Hearing from colleagues at Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Oxfordshire County Council, we will discuss how public health colleagues have engaged other council decision makers to ensure health is considered in local policy, and look at how similar approaches could be adopted in other areas.

In recent years, many local authorities have had to cut back on some of the services and assets that people in their communities rely on, negatively impacting on health. To help reduce the impact on health and health inequalities, a joined-up approach is needed across each council to ensure services and people’s health are protected.  

This webinar forms part of a range of work the Health Foundation are undertaking with local authorities to explore their role in helping to build healthier lives in the communities they serve. 

This webinar is suitable for anyone working in local government who is interested in the health of their population. This might include councillors and officers working or interested in public health, directors of finance, and those working in relevant departments such as housing and transport as well as communities, neighbourhoods, and regeneration teams. 

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