‘Will construct marriage halls, women only parks in Kashmir’, PDP releases manifesto for Lok Sabha polls

Former Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, released the manifesto of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, outlining key concerns and proposed solutions for the region.

Titled ‘Apna vote Apno ke liye’, Mehbooba Mufti has shed light on the challenges faced since the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019. The manifesto addresses several issues affecting the collective identity, land rights, and freedoms of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

Furthermore, the manifesto expresses concerns about the impact on livelihoods, particularly in sectors like horticulture, due to anti-trade measures and the forced eviction of tribal communities from their lands.

To address these challenges, the manifesto proposes several initiatives, including the construction of tunnels to enhance regional connectivity and empower women through skill centers, sanitation facilities, and recreational spaces.

Additionally, efforts are pledged to improve access to clean drinking water, establish effective waste management systems, and strengthen education infrastructure in the region.

The PDP through its manifesto has promised that it will empower women.

“Every women dreams of being self sufficient and able enough to stand on her own feet. This is where skill centres play a very important role. Even though there are skill centres across J&K they lack adequate equipment . A part of my funds will go towards strengthening these skill centres by a) providing equipment such as tailoring machines, laptops and computers. Our school going girls who face inconvenience on a daily basis owing to the lack of toilet facilities in schools. Funds will be devoted to building clean sanitary toilets so that their education doesn’t suffer. Unlike men , women are confined to the four walls of their homes. I intend to create parks for them wherever space is available,” PDP has said in the manifesto.

Overall, the manifesto underscores the importance of collective action and advocacy to address grievances and empower the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the face of ongoing challenges.

Through my mplad funds I will work towards providing them with recreational facilities like playgrounds, sports equipment and laptops at educational institutions and skill centres, PDP has said.

“Government schools often lack digital devices crucial for learning in today’s virtual world. Funds will be allocated towards purchasing laptops to strengthen the infrastructure in these schools.

The utilization of MPLAD funds stands poised to address this pertinent issue by facilitating the establishment of multiple marriage halls, thus providing accessible and accommodating spaces for such gatherings.

“We will assertively seek the return of our projects and advocate for their power supply to be sourced from either complimentary or inexpensive electricity in Jammu and Kashmir, said PDP.

“Funds will be directed towards installing street lights,” the manifesto reads.

The PDP manifesto has also promised to implementing comprehensive waste management and collection services in Jammu and Kashmir.

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